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Case Study – How Addressing Silo/Journey Friction Improved KPIs

April 5, 2023

Watch Time: 4 Minutes

Resource by: Hank Brigman
We hear a lot about transformations these days. Here is a case study that details an actual transformation achieved by changing the way people think and act internally. The simple step the company took represents a way to FINALLY address the conflict between silos and customer journeys. You know, those silo inefficiencies that hurt customer and employee experiences and the bottom line.

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About The Author

Hank Brigman is passionate about helping organizations consistently deliver outstanding journey outcomes for customers, employees and the bottom line. A customer experience innovator, Brigman co-invented a mapping methodology, developed an original formula correlating Net Promoter to revenue, added “touchpoint” to Wikipedia, authored the best seller “TOUCHPOiNT POWER! and has given keynotes for conferences on five continents. In-house and as a consultant, his work worldwide has positively impacted companies in the billions (USD).